About Us

Partners of the Americas’ purpose is captured in our name:  we build partnerships that create opportunity, foster understanding, and solve real-life problems.  The Partners Network is comprised of volunteers and development professionals who are committed to serving others.  Our partnerships are built around the core structure of chapters in countries and states that form north/south partnerships.  In addition, we form inter-institutional partnerships between northern and southern universities, development agencies and civic organizations.  Inspired by President Kennedy and founded in 1964 under the Alliance for Progress, Partners is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with international offices in Washington, DC. The North Carolina chapter of Partners of the Americas is 'partnered' with Bolivia.


Connect people and organizations across borders to serve and to change lives through lasting partnerships. 


Partners envisions an interconnected global neighborhood where people and organizations reach their fullest potential through long-lasting partnerships. 

Core Values/ Belief Statements: 

  • We believe that social and economic prosperity are not limited to just one country, region or group of people
  • We believe that volunteer service is capable of transforming lives and communities
  • We believe that each individual, regardless of age or any other factor, has the power to realize their dreams and make a difference
  • We believe that we learn more about ourselves when we learn to work together with others

Partners of the Americas welcomes all individuals and organizations willing to share their skills and work toward greater international cooperation among the people of the Western Hemisphere.  Join us today!